Agricultural Solar Pumps

Your Solar Water Pump Experts

Solar Water Pumps for Agriculture

Luikens Well & Pump Service provides solar water pumps for agriculture applications in Western Nebraska and Eastern Wyoming. Solar water pumps are a cost-effective, energy-efficient water supply solution for agricultural settings. They draw water from the water table or other supply sources, optimizing it for everything from livestock tending to irrigation. We will survey your space and provide an application to meet your specific needs. 

Benefits Of Solar Water Pumps

Many customers ask us what the benefits of a solar system is over a traditional electrical pump. The benefits are numerous! Take a look at the many advantages solar water pumps for agricultural settings provide.

✓ Renewable energy powered means lower overall cost of operation
✓ Simple installation and easy-to-use electronics
✓ Reliable water supply at all times thanks to backups
✓ Dry running protection

Trusted Brands

In bringing our customers the benefits of solar pump systems, we take care to only rely on proven name brands. Our selection of pumps includes systems from Grundfos and Lorentz. We have the expertise needed to install and service the solar water pumps we provide and we stand behind all of our work.


Solar water pumps and their ability to function interruption-free for extended periods of time makes them a smart investment for agriculture operations seeking long-term sustainability. Many of our agricultural solar water pump models also proved the ability to accommodate a DC or AC power supply, without the need for an inverter. Our experts can provide you with all of the insights you need to understand how these pumps can be an asset to your operation.

For professional agricultural solar pumps in Western Nebraska and Eastern Wyoming, contact us today!