About Us

Family Owned & Operated

Simply stated, Luikens Well & Pump Service, Inc. is a family owned business that has been providing well and pump services since its humble beginnings in 2008. But dive a little deeper, and you will find an incredible passion for providing confidence and security to their customers.

Restoring Trust Since 2008

Ron Luikens, and wife Jan, began Luikens Well & Pump Service, Inc. in 2008, after many years of work in and around agriculture and ranching.

Opportunity presented itself and Ron saw a future that would create a family owned business while offering much needed honest and trustworthy well drilling and service to the Nebraska Panhandle.

Ron recalls connecting with a customer who’s well pump went out late one evening and left her with no water. After working late to remedy the situation, by restoring a resource we have come to rely so heavily on, Ron remembers the grateful look in his customers eyes and the wholehearted “thank you,” he received. From that point, it was clear Luikens Well & Pump Service was the future for the Luikens.

“We operate our company with integrity, trust and pride. With those guiding principles, the rest falls into place.”
Ron Luikens

A Family Business

Today, Ron and Jan Luikens’ vision of a family owned business has come to fruition when their sons, Austin and Caleb Luikens, became co-owners.

With founding principles based on Integrity, Trust and Pride firmly intact, it is no surprise that these lifelong Nebraskans have established themselves as a household name within the community and surrounding region.

Meet Our Team

Part of providing unmatched service that our customers can trust, means having a team that operates with the same passion and principles as we do. Many thanks to our employees that continue to help us serve our community and region. We could not be where we are today without them.

Ron & Jan Luikens

Austin Luikens

Caleb Luikens

Dana McCormick

Justin Gregory