Well Drilling in Scottsbluff, NE

With more than a decade of experience in drilling and installing well systems in Scottsbluff, NE, Luikens Well & Pump Service, Inc. takes pride in offering complete well services to customers. We have the experience needed to work in a residential, commercial or agricultural capacity, ensuring your well is properly drilled, cased and set up. From new wells to service for existing installations, we do it all.

    drilling truck

  • Well drilling
    With expert knowledge of the region’s water table and all of the equipment required to tap into it, we’re your well drilling experts. Allow us to survey your property and help determine the ideal placement for a well. Then, we’ll make sure your well is drilled, plumbed and properly set up for use.
  • Well pump replacement
    If your old, tired pump has finally worn itself out, we’ll gladly replace it with something more modern and up-to-date. We approach well pump replacement in Scottsbluff, NE with longevity and reliability in mind, which is why we only use trusted name brand products from Goulds and Franklin.
  • Constant pressure systems
    For new and old pump systems alike, we can install constant pressure systems that improve the reliability and efficacy of your well. These solutions are a must-have for modern wells and can eliminate many of the frustrating issues encountered with intermittent pressure. For high-capacity wells, we can install H2Optimal control modules to help regulate flow precisely.
  • Well pump repair
    Problems with water pressure? Issues with power to your well pump? These situations and others like them are signs that your well pump requires service or repairs to continue functioning effectively. We can diagnose and repair a wide breadth of issues, restoring reliability to your well pump.

For more information about our full scope of well capabilities—from drilling, to installation, to well pump services and more—please contact Luikens Well & Pump Service, Inc. today at 308-765-0170.